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Selecting a cladding

Natural, attractive, versatile, renewable!

Timber comes in a lot of species, profile and finishing options, meaning it’s an incredibly popular cladding choice for many houses in New Zealand. That being said, stone, brick, plaster and metal all bring their own character and robustness to the table for consideration.

Several considerations should be made when selecting a cladding material or system: • Durability • Cost • Insulation benefits (thermal and acoustic) • Aesthetics • Suitability against adjacent claddings • Maintenance • Warranty periods • Sustainability of the cladding and finishes • Potential for re-use or recycling at end of life, and more…

The pros and cons of each potential cladding system should be considered carefully and understood clearly before making a decision, as it is usually one of the larger expenses when building.

Parkes Architecture has a wide knowledge of various cladding products to suit various budgets, and is here to help you navigate the vast array of options.


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