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Timeless design

While style is very subjective, house owners are often drawn to classic appeal and enduring aesthetics. These qualities can be achieved by the following principles that place a focus on quality of design and material longevity, to limit the chances of a design dating prematurely:

  • Quality materials: Natural materials like stone, timber and brick have a timeless appeal. Look for products which are high-quality and inherently durable without relying purely on their finish.

  • Keep it simple: Ensure the interior and exterior geometry is kept simple and clean-lined. Overly complex or sculptural forms can have a tendency to eventually lose their novelty and not age well.

  • Look around: Consider architectural styles which you know have aged well. Subtle, well-thought-out adjustments can be made to suit your spatial and visual preferences, but the overall theme should have enduring qualities that go beyond passing trends.

  • Stay flexible: Avoid designing spaces that are too specific to one type of use. Consider ways to divide and open up spaces as/when needed to avoid layouts that become obsolete over time.

  • Stay cool: Muted colour tones such as white, beige, grey and natural timber provide a versatile setting for a variety of more personalised and nuanced interior décor ideas. Spice these tones up through the use of textures and interesting detailing and clever lighting to avoid being too stark.

  • The smaller things: As mentioned above, the smaller elements of the house can really pack a punch and provide character. They also have the benefit of being relatively easy to upgrade when things need a refresh. Consider how lighting, door hardware, joinery design and tiling is selected.

  • Let the sun shine in: A warm, sunny home is an attractive home. Make an effort to enhance natural light through generous windows and skylights to improve the overall quality of the interior environment. No one can argue that a light, bright interior goes out of style.

Whether you’re renovating or building from scratch, these are good starting points for a well-considered home which will feel and look great for a long time. For some renovations, a mixture of classic and contemporary can add an element of timeless appeal and harmony to a home.


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